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FULL: NCLEX Prep Online

Course description

This is a great intro to the NCLEX. We clear up some of the myths and eliminate unnecessary reading for you. We hope you enjoy the session!! - LSM

Curt  Otterbein

Curt Otterbein

Lead Instructor

Curt comes with over 16 years of nursing experience. He is the founder and lead instructor for LifeSkills Medical Inc. Unlike many other other NCLEX preparatory instructors, he has written & passed the NCLEX exam.

Curt earned his BSN at UVic. To further his practice, he acquired specialties in advanced critical care and perianesthesia nursing. Passing both with distinction. He has also been an ACLS, PALS, BLS and ECG instructor. 

Curt has a passion for teaching and learning. He invites you to join him in learning and dares you to have fun while doing it!

Course Contents

1 Video

3 PDFs

1 Presentation

0.5 hrs