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Course description

This is a great intro to the NCLEX. We clear up some of the myths and eliminate unnecessary reading for you. We hope you enjoy the session!! - LSM

Curt  Otterbein

Curt Otterbein

Lead Instructor

“Welcome and thanks for checking us out! A few years back I was in a major MVA. I was hit by someone going home from work. This life changing event has given me a lot to be thankful for. Becoming a patient was an eye opening experience! I have not let it hold me back.

I recently left management to pursue my passions: education & business! I have 17 years of experience, and always love learning more! My primary focus, hands on, was in critical care. I carry two specialties, advanced critical care and perianethesia nursing. I have had the privilege of practicing in both the public and private healthcare settings. Being a Manager in Healthcare has also been a part of my journey. I loved it, but I also saw a great opportunity to address a need … helping all of you!

So here I am helping my colleagues pass the NCLEX. That hard but beatable exam! Yes I have wrote it, and yes I passed! It is newer here in Canada, where I am from, but passing rates can still be better everywhere!

My commitment to my colleagues, my nursing friends, you … is you will never receive mentoring from a nurse who has not written the exam here at LifeSkills Medical Inc. We all have and passed!

So come join our fun approach as we marry content, strategy and practice!. The LifeSkills experience is a fun, fresh and current approach to preparing for the exam” – Curt

Course Contents

1 Video

2 PDFs

1 Presentation

0.5 hrs